BladeFTP 2.7

Free Blade FTP is a FREE FTP client with some new and useful features
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BladeFTP is a FREE FTP client with a lot of new and useful features. It allows you browse several FTP site at the same time, you can also create a task and add the files into it, the task can execute automatically, it makes the updating and downloading very easy. Another new feature is History Manage, it can record the detail of uploading and downloading every time, when you are going to update your web site, you can re-execute the history simply.

*View style of Site Navigation could be changed, sorted and searched.
*The "Edit" and "View" on the popup menu had been changed to "Open/Edit". You can edit/view a file with the default program or the program selected by right-click on it.
*The configuration of Edit/View and BladeEditor in the Options had been removed.
*The Edit Monitor had been renamed to "Recent Files", you can edit the files at local computer and upload them anytimes.
*MLSD command was supported.
*MDTM command was supported.
*More parameters of LIST command were supported, include -a -l -T.

*You can add BladeEditor to the explorer popup menu.
*The highliter colors could be customized.
*The highliter could be appointed automatically when open a file.
*Special thanks Domen.



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